Aye, and Gomorrah, and other stories




(as of September 13th, 2006; up-dated November 13, 2006)


[The correction list bellow gives the page in the current Vintage Books edition, followed by the paragraph number and the line number in the paragraph, followed by the text of the line as it should read. In square brackets below that is an explanation of the correction.]


(remaining to be made in 3rd printing and all following:)


Page 12, Paragraph 3, Line 1:

The little sun was down so they should have been all right. They can’t

[Insert “little” before “sun”. Rewrap the rest of the paragraph, if necessary.] 

Page 93, Paragraph 10, Line 7:

urchins and cabbages. But flowers in front. Anyway, we noticed

[Add “s” to “cabbage” to make it plural.] 


Page 93, Paragraph 13, Line 1:

Kelly’s tea glass clicked the counter. “From Taksim down

[First word in line: Replace “Muse’s” with “Kelly’s”.] 


Page 99, Paragraph 16, Line 1:

On the landing hung a portrait of Atatürk. Her room

[Replace “there was” with “hung”. Retain umlaut over the “u”
in “Atatürk”. Re-wrap to the end of the paragraph if necessary.]  

Page 100, Paragraph 2, Line 4:

be a refrigerator. She stood up with a lot of lovelies: fruit puddings,

[Replace “an icebox” with “a refrigerator”. Replace “tray” with “lot”.
Re-wrap to end of paragraph is necessary.]

Page 116, Paragraph 6, Lines 1&2:

Wet rope slopped the prow. “Hey, Cal!” and my abdomen did
a mini-hiccup, which meant I’d gone from water to air. (In the other
direction, the transition is unnoticeable.) From fluttering gills, I felt water
run my back and shoulders—the only time you really feel them. And
Tork laughed, grabbed the rope, and began to haul.

[Replace entire two-line paragraph with the above paragraph.
This will move type three lines down for the next five pages, maximum.]   

Page 116, Paragraph 10, Line 2:

up, chewing air. More hics.

[Add to the line’s end, “More hics.”] 

Page 117, Paragraph 13, Lines 1&2:

“He’s got a lot of work ahead. Sure you want to
wake him?”

[Omit “up” in line 1. Omit “up” in line 2.]   

Page 124, Paragraph 2, Line 4:

room, navigation offices, office offices, tool repair shop, and cetera.

[Replace “et” with “and”.]  

Page 176, Paragraph, Line 3:

with all rage and frustration ringing through my voice. “Burn him!”

[Replace “playing” with “ringing through”, before “my”.] 

Page 230, Paragraph 10, Line 2:

side of the gate. Clang and tic-tic-tic and Clang. We walked up

[At the end of the line drop “to”. Possibly bring up “the”
from the head of the line below and rewrap.] 

Page 231, Paragraph 5, Line 2:

gotten out of jail. I told you I’d been here before.”

[Omit “once” after “here”.]