Empire Star is contained in a double novel with Babel-17

Empire Star



(as of September 13th, 2006; up-dated November 13, 2006)


[The correction list bellow gives the page in the current Vintage Books edition, followed by the paragraph number and the line number in the paragraph, followed by the text of the line as it should read. In square brackets below that is an explanation of the correction.]


(remaining to be made in 2nd printing:)


[Book Page: 
Line 17:]

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

[Drop “s” from “Pockets”. Make it singular.] 

[Line 22:]

Return to Nevèrÿon (The Bridge of lost Desire)

[Indent, so that it lines up with “Flight” in the line above.
Preserve the diacritical markings.]

[Line 38:]

Bread & Wine

[Replace “and” with italic ampersand: “&”.] 

[End of corrections on Book Page.] 

Page 12 / Paragraph 6 / Line 5:

earth of the valley beneath the tongue of metal called Brooklyn

[Replace “below” with “beneath”.] 

Page 13 / Paragraph 3 / Line 17:

the gates, thou art not likely to be ‘corrupted,’ as it were, even by

[Replace “are” with “art”.] 

Page 19 / Paragraph 1 / Line 5:

gate lowered. Then she turned back, this time across the bridge.

[Insert comma and “this time”.] 

Page 21 / Paragraph 7 / Line 1:

He headed directly for a ship this time: the one being loaded.

[Replace comma with colon. Insert “the”. Omit “was”.] 

Page 23 / Paragraph 4 / Line 3:


[Replace period with question mark.] 

Page 28 / Paragraph 6 / Line 13 [last]:

short, every unhappy and painful memory of his simplex existence.

[Replace “sad” with “unhappy”.] 

Page 34 / Paragraph 1 / Line 5:

as grimy as any other shuttle-bum. Holding him gently by

[Omit “of the”. Omit “s” from “bums” and make singular.] 

Page 54 / Paragraph 8 / Line 5:

you see, Lump—” he leaned forward on his hands—“if I really 


Page 54 / Paragraph 8 / Line 7:

wouldn’t get so upset by things like the Survey Station. But most

[Replace exclamation point with period.] 

Page 55 / Paragraph 4 / Line 1:

“Maybe that’s the most important thing there is, Lump. If

[Replace “that is” with “that’s”.]

Page 56 / Paragraph 13 / Line 1:

“I have a boy on board your own age whom you know nothing 

[Replace 10th word “that” with “whom”.]

Page 62 / Paragraph 10 / Line 2:

“It’s my life, damn it, not yours. It’s mine!” He grabbed Ni’s

[Indent to make this a new paragraph (#11). Rewrap the next three lines if necessary.]  

Page 62 / Paragraph 11 (before correction above; paragraph 12, afterward) / Line 2:

sharply, edging from the desk. “I’ve been through this too many

[Replace “quickly” with “sharply”.]

Page 72 / Paragraph 12 / Line 1:

Her wrists and ankles were chained to the floor.

[Replace first word “Here” with “Her”.] 

Page 80 / Paragraph 17 [last] / Line 1:

“Economics,” the girl said. “I have the support of the twenty-

[Add “s” to “Economic”.] 

Page 91 / Paragraph 2 / Line 2:

ice-blasted plains of the planet that circled Tantamount—

[Remove comma between “ice” and “blasted”. Replace with a hyphen and close up.]