(as of September 13th, 2006; up-dated November 13, 2006 and January 21, 2011)


[The correction list bellow gives the page in the current Vintage Books edition, followed by the paragraph number and the line number in the paragraph, followed by the text of the line as it should read. In square brackets below that is an explanation of the correction.]


(remaining to be made in 3nd Printing and following:)


Page 35 / Paragraph 15 / Line 2:

railing beside the Mouse. Sebastian loomed at her shoulder. Above

[Insert “the” before "Mouse". Paragraph will likely rewrap.] 

Page 36 / Paragraph 4 / Lines 1&2:

“But he can’t feel the heat!” the Mouse exclaimed. “All his senses
are dead! He can’t see—he probably doesn’t even know!”

[Insert “All his senses are dead!” Rewrap paragraph.] 

Page 37 / Paragraph 15 [last] / Lines 2&3:

he asked, “Say, Mouse, what did you mean with that old man about
all his senses are dead?”

[Replace “about” with “with”. Last word in line, change “and”
to “about”. At end of line 3 replace “having been killed” with “were dead”.]

Page 38 / Paragraph 1 / Line 3:

his nerve endings were seared. The weren’t really killed. They were jammed

[Insert “really”. Rewrap the paragraph if necessary.]

Page 231 / Insert between ¶¶ 2&3:

“You spoke of love, Lorq,” Ruby cried, gripping the hand. “And this
is what it brings you? My death, and the death and destruction of all I’ve ever
loved, all I might have loved, even you—?”

[Inserting these three lines will involve moving type for at least the
next three pages, if not more. Space can be absorbed, however, with
the next three or four scene breaks.]