(as of September 13th, 2006; up-dated November 13, 2006)


[The correction list bellow gives the page in the current Vintage Books edition, followed by the paragraph number and the line number in the paragraph, followed by the text of the line as it should read. In square brackets below that is an explanation of the correction.]


(remaining to be made in 2nd printing:)


[Opening Author Photo Page:] 
First Paragraph / Text Line 6:

nonfiction study, Times Square Red, Time Square Blue (1999),

[Insert comma at line end after “(1999)”.] 

[Book Page: 
Line 17:]

Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand

[Drop “s” from “Pockets”. Make it singular.] 

[Line 22:]

Return to Nevèrÿon (The Bridge of lost Desire)

[Indent, so that it lines up with “Flight” in the line above.
Preserve the diacritical markings.]

[Line 38:]

Bread & Wine

[Replace “and” with italic ampersand: “&”.] 

[part one / Rydra Wong [epigraph page]: 
Body of epigraph text,
Line 9:] 

    and wells a dark clot oozing on a chest

[Change “in” to “on”.] 

Page 15 / Paragraph 4 / Line 1:

Her knuckles were white; as the bartender watched, the

[After “white” replace comma with semicolon.] 

Page 15 / Paragraph 8 / Line 2:

pillow in darkness. Her face sprang in smoky light above the

[Change “sprung” to “sprang”.] 

Page 15 / Paragraph 9 / Line 2&ff:

agitated features moved left, right, trying to avoid his look.

He squinched his eyes against the glare, then opened them
slowly. “Come on up.”

[After “look” and before “He”, insert paragraph break. Rewrap
 the rest of the lines as needed.] 

Page 159 / Paragraph 13 / Line 2:

turned all cold. “What is it, Butcher?”

[Change exclamation point after "Butcher" to a question mark.] 

Page 177 (epigraph page, part four:) 

Text line 17:

   Tears free skin. Tears ribs,

[Replace “sink” with “skin”.] 

Page 182 / Paragraph 4:

They were ancient French po—

[Italicize this line.] 

Page 187 (epigraph page, part five:) 

Text line 7:

   That and the wind are all that I can hear.

[Change “is” to “are”.]


Last update to this page made on 06 May 2007, adding correction at 182/4/1