Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders

Corrections from Samuel R. Delany to be made in the 2nd impression of Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders (Magnus).

First of all, there is an entire chapter missing from the novel. A PDF version of the missing chapter is available here.




pay his dad half the twenty dollars more a month. He'd given Mik

eighty of the first year's hundred-twenty. Then the bike shop shut,

where Eric had swept up and sometimes trued wheels.

[No correction notes provided.]


Mike had gotten a raise: he'd swallowed the rest—only somewhat

[Omit the “so” before “he”.]


it runs into a real road about a hun'erd yards upóand take it on right down

[Insert “a” after “about” and before “hun’erd”.]


Barb looked more surprised.

[Insert “more” after “looked” and before “surprised.”]


a TV in her bedroom, as well as in the living room. Was that, Eric

[No correction notes provided.]


was still dark; ten and twelve days could go by without their seeing anybody

[Insert semi-colon after “dark”.]


again Mex commented with big, quick fingers. A third the signs Eric

knew, though he still couldn't turn them into sentences. So he

[Change “his” to “the” before “signs.” Omit “by now” after “knew”.]


Out in the kitchen Barbara was just getting back. From Ron's, of course.

[No correction notes provided.]


she repeated, "Of course Serena says a lot of funny things aboutówell,

[Close up space between 1/M dash and “well,”.]


“Besides. I been down here two months, now. Right—? Almost three.

[Replace “four” with “two” after “here”. Replace “five” with ”three” after “Almost.”]


and my dad did it. And it's what I want to do. In a couple of weeks I'll have had

the job three months, and Dynamite says I'm really working hard: the Chamber of

[Omit “If I keep” and replace with “In a couple of weeks I’ll have had”. After hard” insert a colon and omit “then”.]


me work with 'em." Eric turned back to the counter, lifted the toast from the

toaster while the reflection enlarged over the curved toaster top, put

[Omit “took out the toast” and replace with “lifted the toast from the toaster while the reflection enlarged over the curved toaster top,”.]


[22] Sun-burned forearms crossed on his bib overalls, Dynamite prepared

[Change “over” to “on”, before “his”.]


dirty ones Fred Hurter sold in the store down at Dump Corners.

[Omit “down” after “sold”.]


"Okay." Eric opened the cab and jumped down. In the last months

[Remove comma after “Okay” and replace with “period.”]


Shit's face hung three inches above Dynamite's

["Shirt's" should be "Shit's". Omit the "r".]


another sofa, and they started down the steps to the ground floor

[Omit the "soon" after "and".]


“'Cause I feel goodand I wanna sit by the window and look

out.” Dynamite climbed up beside Eric. And let everybody else do some

goddam work for a change. I'm tired. And I wanna relax and get my breath.”

[In line one drop "real" before "good"; cut out last word of paragraph, "back". Close up close-quote and period. Only do this if you need an extra line on this page. Otherwise, leave as is.]


moment later, he tied the sleeves around his waist.

[Insert the word "his" before "waist".]


container of black coffee with sugar; Eric filled his own with milk.

[Replace comma after "sugar" with semi-colon.]


living in the Dump may move at the Federation's expense. Meanwhile, I am

[Insert an apostrophe in "Federations" before the "s".]



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