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Tales of Nevèrÿon:

Page 12, paragraph 2, line 8:

gins—not to say endings—in favor of fictions. Still, for those readers,


Page 14, paragraph 4, line 6:

collection of the first five tales (with Kermi’s intriguing appendix) in


Page 14, paragraph 8, line 4:

Theory of Sex, G. Spencer-Brown’s Laws of Form, Marx’s Critique


Page 34/ 3/1:

       The tale halted, hammered to silence by Gorgik’s heart.


Page  36, paragraph 1, line 1:

ready done a dozen times that day. The boy sat there, still not


Page 38, paragraph 3, line 7:

the great, winged creatures (about which had gathered so many of the fables),


Page  42, paragraph 3, line 8:

only three weeks: An army had come, fire-arrows had lanced  


Page 51, paragraph 1, line 24&25

larly clever barbarian—the same who had laid out the New Pavē down in
the port, Jahor explained, waking Gorgik’s wandering attention


Page 56, paragraph 5, line 1:

       ‘I have never met Lord Aldamir,’ Gorgik said, ‘though everyone I


Page  61, paragraph 3, line 1:

       Gorgik swayed. ‘Curly, I’m sick. I want a loaf of bread and a bot-


Page 74, paragraph1, line 5:

expected hope of life that all this human energy expended to create


Page 77, paragraph 3, line 3:

again, then a gamekeeper to a provincial count, then as


Page 86, paragraph 1, line 6:

she urged them to elaborate on and invent for themselves—the kinds


Page 121, paragraph 1, line 18:

at the beach’s far end, weaving the sand, leaves, wings, waves, wasps . . .


Page 122, paragraph 2, line 1:

       Fevin hailed her: ‘Have you heard what happened to old Venn?’


Page 122, b’t’n paragraphs 4 & 5 (insert dropped line):

      Norema’s eyes widened.


Page 123, paragraph 2, line 4:

On the table among sheets of reed paper were brass rules, compasses,


Page 168, paragraph 1, line 18:  

more than three generations old, Norema felt an awe before this


Page, 249, paragraph 2, line 1: 

        At any rate, it was not until 1974 that a young American scholar,


Page 257, paragraph 1, line 8: 

confusion. Steiner suggests this might be a pun.




Page 14, paragraph 6, line 3:

where below, sheep, bleating, wandered over another rocky rise. Wind rushed


Page 20, paragraph 9, line 6:

queen’s own nurse, an old woman who loved the girl and came to her


Page 53, paragraph 1, line 9:

meet the long-robed invaders.


Page 126, paragraph 7, line 10:

merce. Though I swear—’ Madame Keyne wheeled the cart away


Page 196, paragraph 1, line 15:

of sugar beet for herself. Then she decided that had been a silly way to


Page 196, paragraph 1, line 25:

the last of her beet. Then they returned to the mummers where, as


Page 234, paragraph 4, line 1:

‘Belhams bridge it is,’ said Kurven, ‘propped up on old Venn’s rock.’


Page 271, paragraph 1, line 10:

own floor. ‘Why should a man’s marriage be anyone’s affair but his      


Page 311, paragraph 2, line 5:

into Neveryóna—’


Page 312, paragraph 5, line 2:

the noblemen used to live on the edge of Kolhari—’


Page 315, paragraph 5, line 8:

or tenths, though you’d be able to figure out what it meant, it still


Page 332, paragraph 1, line 2:

and time.’


Page 332, paragraph 6, line 4:

in Neveryóna.’

Page 340, paragraph 6, line 2:

peared into it: the castle door.


Page 343, paragraph 5, line 1&2:

‘. . . only I can’t remember what version I’m supposed to . . . I suppose

I could tell them . . . all. Now . . . after the girl had done all sorts of


Page 382, paragraph, line:

was roughly 6500 B.C.–3000 B.C. Thus your dates are about as solidly


Page 387, paragraph 1, line 33:

and just a whit less for me as only about one out of three was launched 


Page 388, paragraph 7, lines 8:

from his hawk-profiled, darkmaned head (it was cold that evening!),
the two of them chattering on about bus schedules in Ha’bini—as if


Page 393, paragraph 4, line 3 [line is in extract]:

Xerox of pages 8/9 of Winnie Ille Pooh—on which someone has marked the long


Page 394, paragraph 5, line 4:

budget problems. That was CUNY, I think.


Flight from Nevèrÿon:


Page vii, last line of dedication:

who printed up file ‘i’.


Page 19, paragraph 3, line  7:

the fog lapped late over the mountains and rolled down through the


Page 22, paragraph 1, line 1:

friend to the swords of a huge, city-voiced bandit and his barbarian ac-


Page 47, paragraph 4, line 2:

later, a voice—“. . . you’re hot! Yes, you’re hot in me! It’s good! Yes,


Page 53, paragraph 5, line 5:

tracting, contracting again, again, once more, and again, propelled his mucus forward. Unsteady between painful


Page 59, paragraph 5, line 3:

the ceramic-hard sole and the wood-rough palm, it meant rather, in


Page 61, paragraph 6, line 6:

‘You notice,’ the smuggler said with a considered sigh, ‘how there’re


Page 74, paragraph 9, line 2:

‘after you’ve looked down on Kolhari, Sarness isn’t much. Still, it’s a


Page 109, paragraph 8, line 4:

glance back over) and, with it, the sweetish smell of slaughter.


Page 111, paragraph 3, line 2:

she’d heard, galloped ahead, leaving him plodding in black.


Page 141, paragraph 6, line 7:

that in full flower they could not have been prepossessing. I’ve


Page 151, paragraph 5, line 3:

other concerns could, till I finally suggested:


Page 154, paragraph 16, line 1:

       —It doesn’t matter. Last week, every time someone came near me, he


Page 159, paragraph 6, line 4:

ing thatch, trying to figure. Twenty-five? Fifty? (Did I throw such ab-


Page 163, paragraph 4, line 1:

                  For much of the time he did not look very different from any


Page 166, paragraph 5, line  1:

         He took his place in a line of five. In front of him a young woman


Page 184, paragraph 7, line  2:

us in Illness as Metaphor. (I’ve already seen her analysis of cancer-as-


Page 215, paragraph 1, line 5:

for any number of reasons.’ It’s July 1983. Peter has been doing volun-


Page 222, paragraph 5, line3:



Page 365, paragraph 6, line 7:

in postscript §3, I know of only one other, The Gay Men’s Health


Page 366, paragraph 2, line 13:

talk of AIDS.   


Page 372, paragraph 1, line 2:

a random orientation. Once the stylus lands, we observe whether it


Return to Nevèrÿon:


Page 11, paragraph 3, line 2:

shuttles, pushed one down among the threads, hooked another


Page 13, paragraph 8, line 3:

rasping, choking, roaring. He opened his eyes on blackness, while a


Page 37, paragraph 2, line 10:

others sent to help with the horses—though they had quite enough sol-


Page 122, paragraph 2, line 6:

this part of Nevèrÿon. A packsack, in two halves, hung over the mare’s


Page 128, paragraph 5, line 9:

outside the hut awhile, at last picked up a clod, and hurled it—hard


Page 131, paragraph 4, line 9:

narrowing his eyes against bright overcast. ‘Was I drunk again last


Page 136, paragraph 12, lines 6&7;

est work—at least for the likes of you. Probably me too, at least
awhile. Where were the men to meet Teren? We’ll show him how to


Page 150, paragraph 6, line 3:

well, maybe not too) with hands like his cousin’s and feet like this


Page 155, paragraph 9, line 1:

          For—let me repeat it—we have been writing about the power of


Page 166, paragraph 7, line 5:

awhile.’ It was a generosity he’d performed once to keep the peace,


Page 180, paragraph 15, line 4:

But how often have I been out on the bridge this early before? Ordi-

Page 182, paragraph 7, line 2:

sat on the wall awhile, staring down at the flagstones. Once a boy


Page 184, paragraph 1, line 3 [This correction involves omitting what are now paragraphs 3, 4, 5, & 6.]:

suggest a few fragments, some of which fit together one way, some
another, before we move, twenty-five years on, to Clodon in the
Narnis inn yard.

12. The eyes. The hands.

             Funig said, ‘That’s her!’ just as though the open window she stood at


Page 207, paragraph 10, line 1:

            ‘Now you see?’ she said. ‘That’s something, somewhere in your trav-


Page 224, paragraph 3, line 1:

The tale halted, hammered to silence by Gorgik’s heart.


Page 226, paragraph 3, line 2:

ready done a dozen times that day. The boy sat there, still not   


Page 228, paragraph 5, line 7:

the great, winged creatures (about which had gathered so many of the fables),


Page 241, paragraph 2, line 24:

larly clever barbarian—the same who had laid out the New Pavē down in


Page 242, paragraph 1, line 1:

the port, Jahor explained, waking Gorgik’s wandering attention


Page 247, paragraph 3, line:

‘I have never met Lord Aldamir,’ Gorgik said, ‘though everyone I


Page 268, paragraph 2, line 3:

again, then a gamekeeper to a provincial count, then as


Page 273, paragraph 8, line 3:

on language. (Our focus? Freud’s? The text’s? Often it is as intrigu-


Page 278, paragraph 5, line 2:

friends over the years of Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, Moore’s


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